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Palmistry is a technology that predicts and characterizes the future through palm reading or palm research, also known as chorology.Palmistry Specialist PanditThis custom is found around the world, along with numerous cultural diversities. The information summarized below briefly represents modern palms and there are many conflicting interpretations of the various lines and palm functions at various schools of the palms. This contradiction between not only the lack of empirical support for the prediction of damages but also the other interpretations contributes to the recognition of the loss management as a physiological science among scholars.

Online Palmistry Specialist Pandit

Palmistry is said to have migrated to India from ancient times to other countries such as Greece, Egypt, Persia and Syria.Online Palmistry Specialist Pandit Samurai, the god of the sea, calls this the "Samaria" because it provided this knowledge for the first time in the world. Sages such as astrologers like Nerada, Valrico, Gaga, Brig, Palade and Varahamihira have done a lot of work in Palmistry. Palmistry has been discussed in great books such as 'Bhavishya Purina' and 'Haste Sanjeevani'. But how Palmistry did not receive proper attention in modern India. It is highly regarded in Western countries.

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